We’re RSC. We harness the power of solid fundraising fundamentals to provide superior results.

Our goal is to coach and partner with your organization so that your fundraising program becomes stronger and more capable.

And while an evolving fundraising program that grows continually over the course of years is the ultimate goal, we’ll never ask you to be patient to see immediate results. Just the opposite, in fact, because since our beginning in 2006, RSC’s promise to your organization is Fundraising Growth Now.


Our Services


Bulletproof processes fused with smart, experienced professionals. We begin precisely where you are now, and quickly build results. Other consultants ask to be measured in years. We demand rapid results from ourselves, and expect you to as well.


Create an RSC engagement that bridges your immediate gaps. It could be a grant strategy, a feasibility study, a day-long development intensive, or on-demand coaching. You know what you need now. We meet you there.


We dig into the job description and the organizational dynamics to understand the true essence of the role, then we go to work contacting and screening candidates from a nationwide network. All for less than half of what you’d pay a traditional search firm.

“Fundraising growth is essential, and taking your time is no longer an option. In today’s environment, if your fundraising levels are in neutral, then you’re moving in reverse. Fundraising Growth Now isn’t a hope for most arts organizations — it’s a mandate.”
— Robert Swaney, Founder & CEO

Client Results

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Over a three-year period, RSC strategies broadened the donor base by 58% and earned a 56% increase in contributions.


Memphis Symphony

Working closely with RSC, the MSO had an extraordinary rebound season in 2014/15, exceeding fundraising goals by 15% while adding hundreds of new donors.


Working closely with RSC, the Nashville Symphony increased its Annual Fund by 71% and increased corporate gifts by 39%.


winston-salem Symphony

RSC expanded sponsorships, revised the direct mail program, and implemented a successful telefunding campaign to help expand the donor base by more than 20%.

alabama Symphony orchestra

Over an eight-month period, RSC helped expand the donor base by more than 30%, broad base support by 40%, and overall annual revenue by 10%.



RSC strategies helped broaden the donor base and sponsorship, launch a successful peer-to-peer board development committee, and create a robust annual fund plan.


Fort wayne
Dance Collective

RSC developed a search process to recruit a new leader and provided recommendations to revamp the annual fund structure and volunteer engagement.


RSC helped build momentum to both the capital campaign & annual fund, resulting in a 50% increase in annual fund support.


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