The optimal RSC engagement is driven by your most immediate fundraising and business needs. Our variety of quick yet adaptive services helps bridge the gaps. So let us meet you where you are to make big improvements today for the highest impact.


+ Assessments

An RSC Assessment will evaluate your historical results, pinpoint the reasons for any shortcomings and then provide you with expert financial models and tactical recommendations that will set the stage for fundraising growth now.


+ Feasibility Studies

How much can you raise? How long will it take? Are you ready? The answers can predict the success of a major gift campaign. RSC draws from interviews with a diverse set of stakeholders and a deep examination of your existing practices to develop a statistical analysis and narrative assessment that delivers your leadership to the best decisions.


+ RSC Speaks

Making RSC available to any size organization through teaching and coaching is at the core of who we are. Through formal presentations in the board room to roll-up-your-sleeves “virtual conference” sessions online, we provide full access to the sum total of our experience. RSC develops each speaking engagement to suit the audience, with lively Q&A that connects your specific concerns with our depth of expertise.


+ Board Development

A high functioning board is critical to successful fundraising, stewardship, and promotion. In a day-long retreat with periodic follow up sessions, RSC can help your board identify essential steps to increase effectiveness and accelerate results.


+ Interim Management

Your need for ongoing fundraising doesn’t simply pause when there’s a key fundraising position to fill. An RSC fundraising expert can step in on a short term engagement to maintain your momentum while you focus on finding the right person for the role.


+ RSC virtual coaching

Organizations with modest budgets but big goals tap RSC’s Virtual Fundraising Coach™ which delivers RSC's proven fundraising guidance in an adaptable technology platform. Our Virtual Coach defines a pathway to growth now and keeps your team accountable for the activities that generate immediate results.


+ RSC virtual grants coach

A three-month assessment of current strategy, creation of targeted proposals, and stewardship coaching. We’ll leave you with a variety of prepared elements including a compelling boilerplate grant proposal for one to two of your primary program areas.


+ RSC on-demand

RSC expertise precisely when you need it, at a fee significantly lower that a full engagement. Step outside a programmed pace and get direct access to a qualified RSC fundraising professional, as you need it.

+ Direct mail advising & analytics

Direct mail is a foundational element of your fundraising, especially your Annual Fund, and it requires experience to know the right balance of timing, frequency, segmentation and message. RSC assesses your current program, then develops a plan to maximize your program for optimal results. RSC also provides analytical tools to gauge and enhance your direct mail performance. Continuous improvement is the goal. We know how to generate it.

“Fundraising growth is essential, and taking your time is no longer an option. In today’s environment, if your fundraising levels are in neutral, then you’re moving in reverse. Fundraising Growth Now isn’t a hope for most arts organizations — it’s a mandate.”
— Robert Swaney

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