A beloved and long-tenured centerpiece of “Rocket City USA,” the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra (Huntsville, AL) struggled with static contributed revenue results for several years. As part of a transition in hiring their first-ever, full-time Development Director, RSC partnered with HSO to redesign and expand the annual fund program, resulting in two straight years of organizational surpluses and record contributed revenue. With new HSO staffing in place, RSC was engaged to conduct a Development Assessment in the spring of 2016, initially focusing on a 90-day fundraising plan for fiscal year-end solicitations and activities.

In phase two of the partnership, RSC developed a three-year fundraising growth plan, and provided implementation coaching to HSO leadership. RSC’s redesign of the annual fund program included more emphasis on high-leverage tools, such as a community-focused case for support, a challenge grant, and activating the development committee, CEO, and fundraising staff in ways to expand and retain contributed support.




Over a 12-month campaign, RSC counsel broadened HSO’s donor base by more than 50% and overall annual contributed revenue by 20% over the prior fiscal year. Through RSC coaching, HSO implemented a successful prospect management program, revamped and expanded the direct mail program, and expanded the roles of HSO staff and volunteers. After several years of deficits, HSO finished both the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years with a budget surplus.


What the client said

“RSC helped to refocus and revamp our fundraising program during a critical fiscal year for our organization,” said Dan Halcomb, HSO President and CEO. "They provided best practice expertise and coaching for our team, and it has been a tremendous partnership for this organization.”


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