Following a series of leadership changes, Greenville University, formerly known as Greenville College, a small Christ-centered university located near St. Louis, engaged RSC to perform an Annual Fund Assessment in 2014. Greenville University implemented RSC’s recommendations to successfully strengthen the Annual Fund program. However, two years later, Greenville University experienced a significant staff reorganization that demanded a second review of the program.

With fewer resources and increasing goals, GU’s Advancement Office again sought guidance to assess fundraising potential and move forward under the new conditions. So, in mid-2016, RSC was called upon to evaluate results from the earlier Assessment and perform a new Assessment and Recommendations Report. Focusing on GU’s experienced staff and drawing from the efficiencies and best practices developed in the first phase of the RSC engagement, an approach was created to maintain the momentum achieved in the previous two years, creating a new roadmap for success.

In addition to the Assessment, RSC also counseled Greenville University to develop a more sophisticated and productive direct mail program, building the base of support that will lead to better retention, stewardship, and major gift development. Acting as architect of the annual fund direct mail program, RSC worked with GU to craft messages and design print collateral that would resonate with alumni and donors.




Together, RSC and Greenville University created a realistic program to achieve both immediate and long term-results, grow the Annual Fund program, and accommodate the new staff structure. With a strong vision and new strategies in place, Greenville University achieved a 20% increase in donors and contributions for the Annual Fund campaign in 2015/16, bringing in $1.06M and breaking the million-dollar mark for the first time in 13 years.

“As an organization focused on coaching and equipping clients to be successful in fundraising long after their engagement with us, it was a delight to work with an organization like Greenville University, that spends 100% of its time preparing future generations of students with such a unique and wonderful focus,” said Bob Swaney, RSC’s Founder & CEO. “It’s extremely gratifying that our clients know how to grow their contributed revenue program for future years.”


What the client said

“We couldn’t have achieved this growth without RSC’s help,” said Linda Myette, VP of Development. “Bob and the RSC team developed solid fundraising strategies to help guide the Annual Fund and direct mail programs for the coming years.”


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