Fundraising is not just something you do. In a very real sense, it’s who you are.


Your fundraising strategies, the tactics behind them, and the core messages they deliver are direct expressions of your institution’s inherent value. When that value is articulated in effective and persuasive ways, donors respond with engagement, endorsement, and contributions. 

Robert Swaney Consulting helps organizations grow a solid foundation on an annual fund that can generate immediate fundraising growth, and then propel the success of capital and endowment campaigns. We have offices throughout the country and serve clients across the spectrum, from the emerging to the established.

Through our client partnerships, we have harnessed the multiplying power of relationship-based fundraising fundamentals. And we work in collaboration, not isolation, so that your staff develops a deep understanding and a demonstrated competence to continue growing long after the engagement ends.


Nashville Symphony

Working closely with RSC, the Nashville Symphony increased its Annual Fund by 71% and increased corporate gifts by 39%.

“The RSC team was our partner in a period of extraordinary growth at WSS. Their efforts and expertise helped us to grow and be ready for a major campaign, despite a leadership change midway through their engagement. It was a terrific partnership for us and paved the way for long-term financial health.”
— Merritt Vale, President and CEO, Winston-Salem Symphony

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