After years of growth and service to the community, the Fort Wayne Dance Collective found itself in an inevitable period of change in 2014: the long-term and much-beloved Artistic Director announced a personal transition to step away from the day-to-day responsibilities of running the Company. By engaging RSC, the dedicated board of directors recognized the leadership transition as an opportunity to examine its somewhat cumbersome reporting structure and to launch a sustained board development effort while conducting a search for a new artistic leader.

RSC began its work with the Dance Collective by facilitating a board retreat, examining leadership challenges, staff roles, and the board’s role in marketing and fundraising efforts. RSC developed a search process – outlining an inclusive but focused search committee, a PR strategy to announce the prior Artistic Director’s departure, and a calendar of activity to recruit a new leader for the Company. RSC also made recommendations on fundraising, including a revamp of both the annual fund structure and volunteer engagement to the fund development process.




Working closely with RSC Principal Consultant Jeremy Hatch, the Fort Wayne Dance Collective conducted national search for an Artistic Director. Staff roles have been clarified and the reporting lines are now better established between the staff and board. The company is now positioned for a new strategic plan, reviewing opportunities for both earned and contributed revenue for the coming years. 


What the client said

 "RSC was our partner at a critical moment in the Collective’s history,” explained former Board Chair Kate Brogan." They helped us to create a manageable search process and the organization is as strong as we’ve ever been.”


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