Imagine a new approach to executive search that is a true partnership between your organization and your search provider. You understand the needs of your organization, and RSC knows thousands of potential candidates who are building successful careers in arts management. Now imagine a deeply cooperative approach where we each lean into our strengths to rapidly prepare and launch a highly productive search. Introducing the RSC Executive Sourcing Search™.

An open executive position is an opportunity to assess your needs and actively prepare for the future. Running your own search takes an enormous amount of time and hiring a firm often requires a substantial investment that many organizations find prohibitive. RSC’s Executive Sourcing Search™ finds the balance of engaging a firm at a reasonable price, while involving your in-house team at just the right level.

We begin by examining your organizational dynamics and opportunities. Then we pick up the phone to mobilize our network. RSC’s Executive Sourcing Search™ model removes the burden of candidate sourcing from your organization, while allowing you to maintain control of the overall search process.

Together we synthesize a deep understanding of organizational success with a vast network of potential candidates. We focus exclusively on leadership positions—CEOs, marketing, and development leadership—for organizations that span all sizes and geographies. 

The RSC Executive Sourcing Search™ brings an unrivaled ability to evaluate the opportunities revealed by an open position, and a network that can deliver the right candidates.

“Hiring and retaining executive leadership is an increasing challenge for arts and cultural organizations. The competition for talent is fierce and the time necessary to find the best candidate is intense. RSC and Hogle’s Hires have a direct line to the most talented executives in the country.”
— Robert Swaney, Founder & CEO

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