The Blue Barn Theatre (BBT) is the only full-time professional theatre in Omaha, with a renowned artistic product but a dilapidated rental theatre space lacking proper air handling, restrooms, accessibility, and a leaky ceiling. BBT had a bold vision to build a standalone theatre– a vision that complemented the city’s growth mission.  

Omaha is an exciting city that carefully and meticulously plots its development.  It is an “intentional city,” striving to be unique, diverse, and welcoming.  As discussion began regarding a permanent home for the Blue Barn Theatre, RSC jumped at the opportunity to assist in developing the funding campaign that would usher in an exciting new era for theater in Omaha.




In 2012, RSC began its partnership with BBT to launch a $7 million comprehensive fundraising campaign that included a $5 million building, a $1 million endowment, and $1 million in operating support. Acting essentially as interim staff, RSC assisted in the development of a case statement for the campaign, worked with the capital campaign committee, and provided ongoing counsel to a historic project for a small organization taking a major step forward. 

RSC helped BBT build momentum and urgency to both the capital campaign and the annual fund. The new $5 million Blue Barn theatre opened in mid-2015, financially prepared to operate a new venue after strategies that led to a 50% increase in annual fund support since the campaign began in 2012. 


What the client said

“Jeremy and the RSC team have been tremendously important in our success,” explained Managing Director Shannon Walenta. “The community has rallied around our project and we are stronger financially than ever. It has been a vital partnership for our organization. We did not anticipate such significant annual fund growth over the life of a major capital campaign. That approach has been so important for our current fiscal strength.”


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