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Four Wheel Drive: the four critical elements in a fundraising action plan

Four Wheel Drive: the four critical elements in a fundraising action plan

As organizations create an annual fund plan, they sometimes forget the most important part – action, which represents the horsepower needed to generate real growth. RSC clients are quick to adopt our title, calling it an “Annual Fund Action Plan,” because a plan without action is like a car with no wheels!

Organizational Confidence: who’s got it and how to get it.

Organizational Confidence: who’s got it and how to get it.

As I travel throughout the country interacting with CEOs, board leadership, and development staff of various arts organizations, I’ve noticed a winning theme among those who are developing the healthiest of Annual Fund campaigns: they establish and communicate high levels of organizational confidence.

Performing Arts –– Why is Marketing More Important than Fundraising?

The welcome email lands in your inbox: A new Chief Development Officer (CDO) is starting at your non-profit. When this fine fledgling bursts though the lobby, she’s donning a mask and cape. She is, after all, a Development Superhero who excels at everything: asking, planning, rallying the board, grant writing, and donor retention – she’s exactly who we need to save our non-profit.

With the expectations placed on today’s fundraising professional, is it any wonder a CDO position has an 18-24 month average tenure at most institutions?

Client Spotlight: Back from the Brink with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra

2012 was a challenging year for the orchestra business with too little good news or much encouraging progress. 

However, for theShreveport Symphony Orchestra (SSO), 2012 proved to be the year of the turnaround.  Partnering withRobert Swaney Consulting(RSC) through a combination of a development assessment, interim staffing and ongoing counsel, the SSO began the process of rebuilding its annual fund, sponsorship program and peer-to-peer fundraising climate.

RSC Launches Fundraising Educational Video Series for Non-Profit Organizations

Indianapolis – Robert Swaney Consulting, Inc. (RSC) has released the video series, “RSC: Arts Fundraising / Engaging and Keeping Partners”, available to the public free of charge, and accessible via Youtube. Featuring RSC Senior Consultant (and certified fundraising executive) Scott Giffen, the series captures excerpts from a workshop generously sponsored by the Missouri Arts Council and presented to local arts leaders in Springfield, Missouri. Aimed to provide “best practices” related to non-profit fundraising, RSC’s seven-part video series focuses on various sub-topics ranging from the 'Components of the Right Ask', 'Ask Techniques' and 'Thanking Your Donors'.

Tasking Your Development Committee Without Pain or Panic

Contributing writing by RSC Senior Consultant Jeremy Hatch, cfre

Your season is launched, your direct mail campaign is underway, sponsorship is at a post recession high and renewals are coming along. What’s next?

It’s time to task your development committee for year-end fundraising success.

A Mailbox Full of Noise

You are entering the last quarter of the calendar year and your annual fund campaign is just revving up. Reviewing your tactical plan, you prepare to send a direct mail piece to every current and past donor since 1915, along with some other prospects who might respond to a “now’s the time” mailer. Warning! If you haven’t put those wheels into motion yet, RSC says, “Get it going or prepare to wait.”  Those mailboxes are about to fill up with red, white and blue solicitations and there won’t be much room left in your patrons’ mailboxes.

There's a tree in my mailbox!

The Double-Edged Sword of an Annual Fund

The term “Annual Fund” can be a double-edged sword. 

Arts organizations are perpetually in fundraising mode and Annual Funds are the primary vehicle to secure donations.  By comparison, membership campaigns are similar, but Annual Funds are, well, more edgy.  But because Annual Funds run for a full year we’re often lulled into putting off that work by the illusion that we have all year to do it.  Other urgent issues arise. One day goes by.  Then another…and that side of the sword can cut deeply into your performance.

Rolling Up Your Sleeves and Tilling the Garden

Several years ago I had a particularly memorable conversation with a long-time volunteer of a regional symphony. Now, I can’t remember the circumstances of the conversation or how we got on the subject, but I remember her sweet, unassuming stature, passion and earnest when she reminded me that, “Back in the day we didn’t have paid staff to do everything. When something needed to be done, we just rolled up our sleeves and did it.” Pretty cliché statement, right? But there was something meaningful behind those words – and I was recently reminded just exactly what it was.

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