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Fight of the Fund-Raisers! Part Two

In the last article RSC looked at some of the reasons why so many development professionals are either leaving or wanting toleave their current position.  In this article we’ll look at what your organization can do to attract and keep top-notch, productive fund-raisers.

As a quick recap from the last article, let’s touch on these three areas:

Fundraising is a team sport. 

Fight of the Fund-Raisers! Part One

A development director, new on the job, finds three envelopes in her desk drawer, left by her predecessor.  The envelopes read, “open at the end of year one, year two, and year three”, respectively. At the end of year one she opens the first envelope as instructed. Inside, the message reads, “Blame the Economy.” As the second year concludes, she opens the next envelope and it reads, “Blame the Marketing Department.” After three years she opens the final envelope, which contains the message. “Prepare Three Envelopes.”

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