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Performing Arts –– Why is Marketing More Important than Fundraising?

The welcome email lands in your inbox: A new Chief Development Officer (CDO) is starting at your non-profit. When this fine fledgling bursts though the lobby, she’s donning a mask and cape. She is, after all, a Development Superhero who excels at everything: asking, planning, rallying the board, grant writing, and donor retention – she’s exactly who we need to save our non-profit.

With the expectations placed on today’s fundraising professional, is it any wonder a CDO position has an 18-24 month average tenure at most institutions?

Have You Reached Your Limit?

A recent television commercial boasts, “More is better. We want more!”.  Arts and cultural organizations have meditated on this mantra for years – they can always use “more.” More money. More staff. More donors. More everything. But, can there be too much of a good thing? In some cases, RSC says, “yes”.  Take, for instance, the tenure of a board member and the idea of term limits.

RSC Launches Fundraising Educational Video Series for Non-Profit Organizations

Indianapolis – Robert Swaney Consulting, Inc. (RSC) has released the video series, “RSC: Arts Fundraising / Engaging and Keeping Partners”, available to the public free of charge, and accessible via Youtube. Featuring RSC Senior Consultant (and certified fundraising executive) Scott Giffen, the series captures excerpts from a workshop generously sponsored by the Missouri Arts Council and presented to local arts leaders in Springfield, Missouri. Aimed to provide “best practices” related to non-profit fundraising, RSC’s seven-part video series focuses on various sub-topics ranging from the 'Components of the Right Ask', 'Ask Techniques' and 'Thanking Your Donors'.

The Fiscal Cliff Deal and Your Non-Profit: Moving Forward with Practical Advice and Action

Contributing writing by RSC Senior Consultant Jeremy Hatch, cfre

Welcome to 2013! Less than a week into the New Year and already our world is changing with some mixed news from

Your Donors Can Make It!

Congress. Over the past few months, many RSC clients (along with board members, volunteers and donors) have expressed concern and fear about changes to tax law in 2013.  Some donors have stated that they will likely not be able to give with the same fervor as they once did because of the impending changes. 

Before donor-paralysis sets in, let’s look at what we know so far, based on the agreement passed by Congress on January 1:

Tasking Your Development Committee Without Pain or Panic

Contributing writing by RSC Senior Consultant Jeremy Hatch, cfre

Your season is launched, your direct mail campaign is underway, sponsorship is at a post recession high and renewals are coming along. What’s next?

It’s time to task your development committee for year-end fundraising success.

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