Earlier this year, RSC reached the 100-client milestone. It’s a big accomplishment for our firm, and with it comes a moment of appreciation, reflection, and vision.

First, if you’ve been an RSC client, thank you. I’m so immensely grateful for all 100+ clients who have trusted RSC enough to invest in a partnership with us. We’ve taught each other during this journey and celebrated many victories together that translate into “Fundraising Growth Now!” The energy our clients pour into improving their results continues to be both humbling and inspirational. Thank you.

Arts organizations have changed a lot during the past thirty years I’ve worked with them, but the desire to entertain, enrich, and inspire hasn’t. Providing an excellent artistic product is the conduit for adding value to a community, and seeing a community invest in the arts for those same reasons proves the arts are still valued and valuable. RSC helps these organizations and their communities come together to invest in each other. And now, after doing it over 100 times, it’s still exciting!

Looking to the future, arts organizations will continue to change, add artistic and community value in new and unique ways, and create enthusiastic fans who still want more. No doubt, the way the arts are consumed will change, and so will how they are underwritten. But, as long as these organizations continue to be a reflection of their community, fans will participate and support. Methods and approach may change, but the creation of art is forever....and so is the need for support of the arts. That’s one of the reasons we all do what we do — to provide well-supported art to enthusiastic and appreciative communities. What could be more fun?

So, with that, I thank everyone with whom we’ve had the privilege to work. Your art is inspiring, as is your eager desire to make a difference. Thanks for letting RSC play a role in your success.

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