"Shakespeare doesn’t really write subtext, you play subtext.”                                                                                      - Gary Oldman, English stage and film actor    

Strategic planning, in its simplest terms, helps identify where an organization currently is, where it wants to be, and how it’s going to get there. This requires deep organizational examination by key staff, boards of directors, and a variety of internal and external shareholders:

Who are we?

What are we trying to achieve?

What are our challenges and opportunities?

Who do we want to be in five years?

Understandably, questions about “thriving” are more difficult to answer when your organization is more focused on “surviving,” but the plan should move your organization forward, regardless of where you are. What is the subtext of your organization’s strategic plan? It’s chock-full of goals and strategies and timelines, but is the subtext aspirational?   

In monologue workshops, a theater instructor directs young actors to have a vision for their scenes and presses them with questions:

What is your objective in this scene?

What is your character trying to accomplish?

What is the pace of the scene?

What nuances can your character adopt to make him more interesting?

Some answer the questions without hesitation while some have no answer at all. Good instructors don’t provide the students with answers – only more questions. Layer by layer, the student starts interpreting and creating his character so that subtext is formed; subtext gives a character dimension and authenticity – essentially helping it come “alive.”  

Is your strategic plan full of heady jargon and numbers or is it alive and moving your organization forward?  RSC recommends a strategic planning and implementation process that is structured yet agile and adaptive, where roles are refined and matured with tactics that propel the organization forward.  It takes more than motivational posters in the conference room to create a culture of impassioned, dedicated employees who understand the company’s priorities and are motivated to achieve them.

If you want to review or re-revise the subtext of your strategic plan, we can help. Through our proven methods of step-by-step counsel, expertise and exploration, RSC can help you put into action an invigorating and more compelling effort for your organization.

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