The Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO) had seen static annual fund revenue for several straight years with frequent fundraising staff turnover. As part of a transition year that saw both a new Music Director and new Chief Development Officer (CDO) join the leadership team, RSC partnered with ASO to meet ambitious contributed revenue goals, stabilize and train the staff, and position the organization for future philanthropic growth. 

While searching for a new CDO to lead the fundraising program after a staff departure in fall 2014, ASO engaged RSC to conduct a Development Assessment, first focused upon a 60-day fundraising plan to ensure key year-end solicitations and activities would stay on track. In phase two of the partnership, RSC built a full fundraising plan and provided interim management of the annual fund program and coaching of the fundraising staff through the end of the FY15 fiscal year. Finally, RSC helped transition the new CDO, outlining FY16 fundraising tactics and creating a multi-year revenue plan forecast for the annual fund. 

Although a healthy and respected institution, the fundraising program at the ASO struggled in several key fundamental areas.  Fortunately, the staff was willing to adopt RSC’s “best practices” approach and integrate our coaching into their program.  




Over an eight month period, RSC counsel broadened ASO’s donor base by more than 30%, broad base support by 40%, and overall annual contributed revenue by 10% over the prior fiscal year. RSC implemented a very successful telefund program, revamped and expanded the direct mail program, and coached a young but hard-working development staff in the practical fundamentals of creating renewable, reliable, annual fund programs.


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“RSC helped to lead our fundraising program during a staff transition and a critical fiscal year for the organization,” said Curt Long, ASO President and CEO. “They provided coaching and hands-on support of our team during the CDO search. Our annual fund is stronger than ever after their guidance and coaching.”


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